Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I hate all the dam phoning and texting addiction.

Sorry ya'll,  but it's too prevalent.

 People walking around like Zombies.  In the mall, on the street, at the park.  Kids, mommies, daddies and grands.  Phoning and texting and NOT being in the moment.... NOT being here now.  NOT looking where the fuck they are walking or driving... NOT caring.  Just fixed on their fix... fixating, fixated and transfixed.

I wonder when the war on phone zombies will be waged, and what will be the damage?

Friday, June 25, 2010

View of sunset from the back porch

The image really says it all.  This is what we saw every evening that we were in Jackson CA.  Well, except the moon was slightly larger each time.  I was going to post many a fun photo from our western excursion, however I am having tech difficulties.  (The explanation I got is that our camera is high res and that the picture files have to be downsized before being able to be loaded on to Blogger...  This is a somewhat cumbersome process, so till I find a better solution, the other pix will have to wait.  Suggestions welcome!)

We began in Oregon in a lovely town called Talent.  I'm not sure if the name of the town attracted talented people, or if it was named that because of all the talented people drawn to it, but it is packed with artists and talent of all kinds.  It is very small town and we could walk everywhere unless we were going into Ashland.  In fact, we got a foot tour of the whole place in less than a half an our!! The mountains and trees and streams in this area are spectacular.   The air crisp and the sun warm, but NOTHING like FL.  In the shade, it was actually cool!  And the nights got down into the 50's.  I could get used to that.  

At this point I MUST mention that I got one of the greatest cups of coffee I've EVER  had in this town.  The place is called Downtowne Coffee Shoppe.  (See link for review) The coffee I ordered had a clever name, which I can't think of at the moment, but I'll use Miinted Chocolate for the sake of calling it something... Now, I'm not a fru fru coffee chick, but something told me to go a little off the board in this place and I'm glad I did.   The coffee is organic and freshly ground, of course!  BUT... here's the thing, they steamed REAL mint leaves to go into the coffee!!  And it WAS NOT TOO DAMN SWEET!!  It was without a doubt the most perfect coffee I've ever  tasted.  I want to tell ya chilluns, it was divinity in a go cup!

I will post a few photos of the Oregon leg on this post and then break up the rest of our adventure because I've just decided it's too much for one post.  Ok, so the best part of our stay was meeting/visiting with my aunt and uncle.  It's the hub's mom's bro, and his wife, Uncle Pete and Aunt Anita.  Uncle Pete is an artist in the truest sense of the word and his pieces and his process reflect that.  Pete and I had several great talks about philosophy, art and traditional healers and etc.... We saw a lot of his newer pieces hanging in their home and we also visited a few shows he's participating in in Ahsland.  Harley even got to name a few of his pieces.  He's a great namer!   Aunt Anita is also unbelievably talented.  Her specialty is cooking.  Oh my GOD can this woman cook and bake!  I don't remember exactly what we had, I just know it was incredible... and we had real fresh whipped cream and fruit for our waffles (Pete made the waffles), but Aunt Anita did everything else in the cooking department.  Our first meal there was an incredible fish dish with a yummy apple cake (from scratch) for dessert.  Anita was great to talk to also.  I learned a lot about the family from her and got to know HER some which was really cool.  And she enjoys the occasional smoke, like I do, so we'd slip off together to smoke on her front porch and talk and watch the world go by.  It was heavenly.

Their house is old.  Very old, like ours.  Actually, it's older.  It is a really beautiful space and they have kept in much better condition than we've managed to keep ours... sigh.  We really enjoyed being in the space they created and with them for two days.  We visited a beautiful park in Ashland while we were there and the trees are just so tall and magnificent, it's humbling just being in their presence.  Well, many of them are Redwoods, so... awe is to be expected, no?  

So, good family time, good eats, good coffee, good wine, good scenery, good time!

Uncle Pete about to squirt whip cream in Harley's mouth.  It's part of the Infidel Series...
Uncle Pete, Aunt Anita, PF and Harley.  This was just before Harley drank from the Lithium water fountain.... Lord help us, he liked it.  

Harry Potter enjoying what was left of the whipping cream.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I know, I know, I promised I would post about our fabulous adventure out west next, but that is going to take some thinking and this is exciting news for me, and it takes no thought at all!    I have FINALLY registered for my LLC license and can begin doing business as a certified Life Coach starting July 1!!  I'm so excited!!! 

I have no website, I have not organized my literature or blog, I have no clients, I have no business bank account, but dammit I have begun this process which has been daunting for me and I feel like an emotional block has been overcome, the cyst has been removed and my life and aspirations may flow freely at last!!  I'm sure there will be many more obstacles in the future, but I think this may have been the biggest one.  It took all of five minutes to complete the online application, however, it took me about 6 months to actually revisit the Florida Division of Corporations website to do this.  Why is it that every big move I make has to be preempted by long adjustment/ mind shift period??  Actually, I know the answer, it's just a frustrating part of my character.  I did the same thing with College and moving into the "daytime" workforce.  Both happened kicking ans screaming and definitely at "my own pace".  But they did happen.  And it's happening now. 


I do have an official business email account and needless to say, if anyone wants coaching, feel free to email me at:  jumpstartlifecoach@gmail.com     (BTW, I did try to make that email name shorter, but all the ones I wanted were taken.)

Today I am happy, excited, hopeful and a little overwhelmed at the work ahead.  It's a good mixture of feelings, and although I still have no earthly idea how I am going to shift gears and make time to do all the business-y type stuff I need to, I'm trying to keep faith that somehow the path will evolve and rise to meet me.

Have yourselves a beautiful hump day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Narcolepsy Hotline

Please hold the line and we'll be with you when we wake...

Well, we've been home since Weds, and I still feel like the walking dead.  I think maybe middle age has not so much crept up on me as "assailed me, impaled me, with monster truck force!"

All I know is we were gone for 10 days (That was 3 days ago), and I'm still in a fog.  Really, is this normal?  I sort of feel like maybe it's my "new normal", but then I start to think that maybe my Lyme has returned or I'm dying of cancer or something.

I know I'm just being a drama queen,  but it's my way of working through stuff and lots of times it amuses me.  I sometimes feel like I'm watching my life on a movie screen and shouting rude comments from the cheap seats.  Throwing popcorn at the screen and belching loud enough to be heard in the front row.  (I did that once at the Vampire Lestat movie)  You know the one with Brad Pitt and some other actors?  Anyway, it was so bad, and I was drunk and out of control.  I was calling the characters unsavory names and doing my level best to beam them with my Juju Bees.  Thankfully I was with dear and most importantly, tolerant friends who managed to hustle me out before things got real ugly.

So, as I was saying, it's process.

The west coast post is still simmering, but not soup yet.  Please stay tuned...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Life has been going by really too quickly and most of it illicits the same feelings as this picture.  I don't know which side I am on or if I am on land or at sea.  It's just all one big hot confusing mess.  I am not in ANY kind of mental or emotional distress, just in suspended wonder and anticipation/anxiety... wondering when a moment of stillness will present itself.  Or maybe a slowing down of the roller coaster.  

Or maybe this is just the pace of life now..?  

We are back from our west coast journey and it was a fun and fabulous adventure, but not so much relaxing.  I will post pictures and tell some of the tale because it was quite lovely.  The west is so enchanting and glorious in many many ways.  I'm not sure what the hell we are still doing in the southeast, but I am aiming to put all of my energy into summoning up the recourses to change that.  I have worn myself out down here in the swampy south.  There are many things I love about this place, but it is not ans has never felt like my "home".  The place where my heart, soul and body feel at ease.  That is the way I feel when I am in the west.  To make it even more extra motivating is that my husband's asthma is almost non existent and I am guessing that Harley's will be much improved as well.

I am just popping in to say a real post is in the works.  Right now, I'm too focused on catching my breath and keeping the trippy flashbacks at bay! (And those are not bad flashbacks  at all, just not feeling life as it is. A surrealness that can only be described in terms of riding the Magic Mushroom Train.)

Choo choo!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Death in the family.

 I've been dealt a pretty hard blow and I am taking some time for myself.  I'll be back and maybe even blog about it at some point, just can't do it yet.

I'll still be visiting, just not posting much for a while.